• Pastor Isaac K. Railey Sr. - Lead Pastor

    Dr. Railey has over 20 years of practical ministry experience serving in almost every capacity of the local church as a greeter/usher, musician, music director, youth activities coordinator, citywide outreach leader, associate pastor, and interm lead pastor and Senior Pastor and founder of Intimacy Church located in Lubbock Texas. Furthermore, Dr. Railey began ministering the Gospel at age 15 and ordained  at age 26. Since then, Dr. Railey has served in several successful church plants one of which grew from 40 to over 15,000. After being told he was not college material by his High School English teacher, he served in the U.S. Airforce to help pay for a college education. Using his teachers comments as a source of motivation, he later attended Oral Roberts University, graduated Sonship School of the Firstborn, and recieved an honorary doctorate degree from Cambridge Theological Seminary. Pastor's Isaac and Senaah Railey are in covenant fellowship with Covenant Connections International located in Killen TX, Bishop Nathaniel Holcomb Presiding Bishop. He is the Husband of Pastor Senaah Railey, father of Isaac Railey JR, Aden Railey, and Anna Railey.

  • Pastor Senaah Railey. - Co Pastor

    cPastor Senaah has been in church her whole life. She is the daughter of a Pastor and has seen every aspect of church from the door to the governmental ministries while helping her father plant churches in Germany, Korea, and in the U.S. She has served as an associate Pastor for 2 years, as a worship arts director, dance leader for over 10 years and is the Co-Pastor and Co-founder of Intimacy Church located in Lubbock Texas. Her passion is worship through dance and taking care of people. She has always been the one to befreind the outcasts and downtrodden of society. She has a genuine love for people and concern for their well being. As a result, people are drawn to her warm hearted disposition and feel as though they have known her forever. Very true to her character she is currently persuing a degree in Psychology at Texas Tech University, she attended Lubbock Christian University and graduated from Sonship School of the Firstborn. Pastors Isaac and Senaah Railey are in covenant fellowship with Covenant Connections International, Bishop Nathanial Holcomb Presiding Bishop. She is the wife of Dr. Isaac K. Railey Sr. and mother to Isaac Railey Jr, Aden  Railey, and Anna Railey.